We focused on using plant based formula to target the needs of each and every different skin types and skin woes, from balancing to nourishing, and repairing and anti-aging. Alcohol-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free.


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Hydration is the first step to anything in skincare.

This water-based serum absorbs ultra-fast, loaded with full-spectrum of botanical extracts.

Infused with 2 powerful humectants that draws moisture from the environment to keep skin cells well-hydrated, and keeps the complexion looking plump and dewy.

HYALURONIC ACID binds water, while TREHALOSE prevents cellular dehydration.

- this leads to a nice, bouncy, smooth and plump appearance.

Glow with us!

There's a reason our HYDRO-GLOW SERUM has won 3 prizes in

Beauty Insider Annual Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

It is all about hydration and healthy skin barrier.

Keeping moisture in your skin is your barrier’s number one job, when skin gets the hydration it needs, skin cells are plumped and healthy - this leads to a nice, bouncy, smooth and plump appearance.

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