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The power of the natural plants help release the burden of the intestine and reduce the fat the viscus.
How to consume: Take one sachet with 200ml water/ soybean/ almond milk before sleep.
Can be taken before dinner to increase satiety. One box 15 sachets.

Promotes abdominal fat burning, controls blood sugar and pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease.
Apple Pectin:
Can be taken as probiotics, delays gastric emptying, relieves diarrhoea and constipation, enhance cholesterol, anti-oxidation, and reduce fat accumulation in the body.
Contains Vitamin A, strengthens the immune system, contains a lot of fiber to smoothen bowel movements.
Oat Fiber:
Relieves constipation, enhances satiety, reduces cholesterol and improves blood sugar control.
Perilla Leaf Extract:
Improves gastrointestinal discomfort, antioxidation and reduces LDL cholesterol and blood viscosity.
“Good toilet companion”, relieves and prevent constipation, control cholesterol and blood sugar level and can be absorbed by probiotics.

Healthy Detoxification
Eliminates Visceral Fats 
Reduces Belly Fats 
Accelerates Fat Burning Rate 
Increases Metabolism
Relieves Constipation
Reduces Water Retention